Marine Collagen Absolute Serum – Classic Cosmetic


Marine Collagen Absolute Serum, Kit 5 phials 6ml – 1 month care.

Réf. ADC31


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  • Collagen is the main constituent of the skin and its role, as a sponge, is to capture water in order to ensure proper hydration and a smooth skin. Against signs like dry skin or wrinkle appearance, this serum is a real balm that gives denser and more velvety skin. Its action is immediate from the first application, the marine collagen is instantly absorbed, followed by a natural tightening effect. Coming from a brown seaweed, the alginate helps the absorption
    of the marine collagen. Without alginate, marine collagen remains on the surface of the skin and will lose its essential restructuring powers. Alginate is therefore essential for the transport of collagen into the skin to ensure cell renewal, hydration and to slow down the appearance of wrinkles. In addition to its stimulating power, Rosemary has antiseptic, toning and healing properties.
  • Marine Collagen Moisturizing, refreshing, enhances the complexion Alginate Facilitates absorption Oil of Rosemary Antiseptic, Healing, Toning.
  • Apply daily to the entire face and neck on a perfectly cleansed skin before the Youthful Day Cream or Moisturizing Complex. The ideal amount per application is 4 drops. This kit provides 1 months treatment and could be repeated four times a year.

    Recommended also for men.

    Expiration date after opening 12 months.


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