Dermobio Organic Cosmetic

Natural Ingredients
from the Sea and the Land


Dermobio organic cosmetic range

The range DERMOBIO Organic Cosmetics consists of 99% natural ingredients. Respecting both the natural environement and your skin, we only use plant extracts stemming from organic agriculture such as green tea, witch hazel, argan, ginseng, shea butter oil, blueberry flower water, beeswax, rice flour.

Dermobio classic cosmetic range

The range DERMOBIO Classic Cosmetiics contains both natural plant extracts and also marine elements, such as Fucus and Laminaria seaweeds, marine trace minerals and marine collagen, one of the principal ingredients in our Absolute Marine Serum. Also present is pure vitamin C, for the regenerating face treatment, or extracts of caffeine, horsetail and cypress for the body care products, to complement the benefits of he marine extracts.

The Creator


Beauty also depends on the health of the skin

The range of DERMOBIO cosmetics was developed by Dr. Alain DOGLIANI, French pharmacist and Dermo-pharmacist. He has created one of the largest cosmetic companies whose active ingredients come mostly from the marine environment (Thalgo).

DERMOBIO Cosmetics offer a full range of natural products for skin health.

President of Dermobio Cosmetics
Dr Alain Dogliani

His cosmetic creations, using innovative active marine and plant ingredients,
have received numerous awards in France and abroad.

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